How It Works

When you have a job that needs to get done, open our services app or visit our website. You will see all the locations where services are being offered and find out which company or independent contractor is the BEST fit for you. Check out their reputation, take a look at their credentials, etc. You can even inspect for a background check to make sure you always stay safe. 

     Capital Services take pride in making the connection between those in NEED and those who DO. We do not subscribe into recommendations, advertising service and we do not promote/rally against any causes or political group. Capital Service does not dictate who can or can’t use this service unless it is neutrality is an apparent detriment of this company’s goals. 

     Like the Yellow Pages of old, we offer the information for connections of services YOU need. Adequately judge the best fit for you — the customer — by reading all the documentation and customer reviews for each service provider. The updated background check is suggested to last 6 months old and is screened by this service and kept on record. We at Capital Services know that when you start using this company, you will never want to stop!